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Capabilities/ Features



Receiving Documentation

  • Incoming products are captured on the handheld units at the dock.
  • Shipment data (including date, time, PO number, product volume and driver’s signature) is uploaded to Eclipse’s reporting servers
  • Users can pull and have customize reporting generated as needed


OS&D Control and Documentation

  • Utilize handheld’s built-in camera to capture images of damaged product on the dock
  • Pictures are attached to the receiving report and can be used to settle disputes with vendors and carriers

Inventory Management

  • Data on incoming and outgoing product utilized to build inventory reports
  • Utilized by customers to implement just-in-time inventory programs
  • Data integration with customer’s procurement systems using EDI, APIs or data files to ensure more accurate invoicing, KPIs and reporting.


Receiving Scorecards

  • Scheduling information and actual receiving times utilized to generate trucking performance reports
  • Reports used to penalize drivers for late deliveries
  • Generates an additional revenue stream and reduces late deliveries

Productivity Reports

  • Data on delivery times and product volumes utilized to generate productivity reports that track key metrics (i.e. cases per hour)
  • Utilizing our reporting dashboards users can generate and customize reports as desired; can drill down from the enterprise to employee level

Direct Invoicing

  • Scans of outgoing goods matched with PO data to automatically invoice buyers

PO Database

  • Data on each incoming delivery available in a searchable database on the Eclipse website
  • Records contain information on the carrier, load, timing and a picture of the goods
  • Utilized by carriers and customers to confirm shipment information



About Us

Eclipse Advantage is an internationally recognized, managed on-site Warehouse Fulfillment Services company that provides outsourced solutions for warehouse, logistics and distribution operations, supported by productivity standards and Customizable Technology Solutions (CTS).

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