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Eclipse Advantage - HR Program

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Attract and retain the highest quality employee’s possible

  • Job Descriptions
  • Review resumes and Interview applicants
  • Salary, Planning and Administration 
  • Coordination of Advertising
  • Background Screening
  • Pre and Post Drug Screening


Improve business focus by automation of HR reports

  • Payroll & Payroll Tax Filing
  • FICA, FUTA, and SUTA
  • Insurance procurement
  • Garnishments
  • HR Management Reports
  • Direct Deposits
  • Employment Verification
  • W-2’s and W-4’s
  • Workers’ Compensation Program 


Increase employee productivity by improving individual and group performance

Eclipse Advantage goals depend on motivating employees and getting them as excited about the company as we are.

  • Performance Measurement and Review
  • Compensation and Incentive Plans
  • Employee Relations
  • Supervisor Training
  • Conflict Resolution


Achieve measurable, bottom-line results and improve employee performance

  • Orientation Training Program
  • Work Instructions
  • Read Pick Ticket
  • Process Maps
  • Rules and Regulations of Warehouse
  • Reporting Payroll
  • Reporting KPI’s

About Us

Eclipse Advantage is an internationally recognized, managed on-site Warehouse Fulfillment Services company that provides outsourced solutions for warehouse, logistics and distribution operations, supported by productivity standards and Customizable Technology Solutions (CTS).

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321-250-6380 Ext. 102