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Knowing that every customer and facility is unique, Eclipse Advantage will design a service program that works for your specific needs. Whenever possible we provide unit rate pricing meaning you only pay for the work that gets completed while Eclipse is driving out the inefficiencies. Eclipse typically compensates based on performance and accuracy, which translates into efficiency gains within the supply chain. To hear more about Eclipse Advantage and our list of services contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Retail +

Inbound Receiving Audit Kitting
Cross-Docking Tote Management Cycle Counting
Pallet Management Labeling Trailer Spotting
Returns Processing Special Projects Security
Display Build Truck Washing Product Recalls
Assembly Trailer Stripping Driver Helpers
Packing Janitorial Container De Stuffing
Order Selection Re-Packaging
Shipping Inspection

Grocery/Foodservice +

Inbound Receiving Labeling Security
Pallet Management Special Projects Product Recalls
Returns Processing Truck Washing Driver Helpers
Display Build Trailer Stripping Container De Stuffing
Assembly Janitorial
Order Selection Re-Packaging
Shipping Inspection
Audit Cycle Counting
Tote Management Trailer Spotting

Manufacturing +

Inbound Receiving Labeling Cycle Counting
Pallet Management Special Projects Trailer Spotting
Display Build Truck Washing Security
Assembly Trailer Stripping Product Recalls
Packing Janitorial Driver Helpers
Order Selection Re-Packaging Container De Stuffing
Shipping Inspection
Audit Kitting

Tires +

Inbound Receiving Truck Washing  Container De Stuffing
Cross-Docking Trailer Stripping
Pallet Management Janitorial
Banding Inspection
Order Selection Cycle Counting
Shipping Trailer Spotting
Audit Security
Labeling Product Recalls
Special Projects Driver Helpers


Third Party Logistics +

Inbound Receiving Order Selection Trailer Stripping Security
Cross-Docking Shipping Janitorial Product Recalls
Pallet Management Audit Re-Packaging Driver Helpers
Returns Processing Tote Management Inspection Container De Stuffing
Display Build Labeling Kitting 
Assembly Special Projects Cycle Counting
Packing Truck Washing Trailer Spotting

Store Services +

Stocking Inbound Recieving
Resets Product Rotation/Expiration Dates
Planogram Implantation Damage Control
New Item Shelf Placement Data Entry
Display Build Remodels and Renovations
Cycle Counting Product Recalls
Janitoral Driver Helpers
Cart Management Container De Stuffing

About Us

Eclipse Advantage is an internationally recognized, managed on-site Warehouse Fulfillment Services company that provides outsourced solutions for warehouse, logistics and distribution operations, supported by productivity standards and Customizable Technology Solutions (CTS).

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Office: 321-250-6380 Ext. 102
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

321-250-6380 Ext. 102